Motivational Speaker and Corporate Coach Jorge DiPaola

 “I want to share with people what I’ve learned and how I’ve achieved everything I’ve ever wanted through the power of thoughts”

Jorge is an Argentinean-Italian entrepreneur that has done it all. He has a successful career in entertainment spanning 3 decades, having performed on hundreds of stages throughout the world for thousands of people.

Jorge DiPaola

Mission Statement

At Jorge DiPaola International, we have a clear vision of what it takes to help people help themselves through the power of their untapped possibilities.

I would never expect anyone to do anything I’ve not done myself.

I’m all about the results that individuals and business alike produced, that’s where my passion lives, in helping people to get what they want.

Infinite possibilities.

Jorge DiPaola

Coding Languages

Loyal Clients

International Awards

Years of Experience

Inspirational Keynote Speaker and trainer helping company employees

Jorge DiPaola, has been in the direct sales in corporate America for over 22 years. He has helped, trained and developed hundreds of people and has helped multimillion dollar companies to achieve their goals.

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